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Maqui Berry - 12 Seeds



Scientific Name:  Aristotelia chilensis

Family: Elaeocarpaceae

Other Names:  Maqui Berry, Macqui Berry

Our Product Number: OB173

Plant Type: Decidious Evergreen Shrub growing to 9 ft

Hardiness: zone 8

Native Habitat: Native to the Valdivian temperate rainforests of Chile and adjacent regions of southern Argentina.

When to Sow: Sow in spring indoors. Plant out after last frost. Requires winter protection in the first winter.

**Known Hazards**: None Known

Grow In: Gardens, Containers

Uses: Fruit can be used raw or dried for winter use. A pleasant taste somewhat like bilberries. The fruit is rather small. A wine made from the fruit is said to have medicinal properties

Description: Maqui berries are used for food and dietary supplements, mainly due to interest for color and anthocyanin content. The berries are raw, dried or processed into jam, juice, an astringent or as an ingredient in processed foods or beverages.

One report from Chile says that Maqui Berry Antioxidant Content is

  • 2-3 times higher than Acai & Goji berry (currently considered as the highest ORAC value super fruit),
  • more than 3 times higher than mangosteen,
  • 8 –10 times higher than pomegranate,
  • 50 times more than a glass of red wine.

Was featured on one Dr. Oz program.

Characteristics: Wildlife Food, Edible Fruit/Nuts

Note: The Strawberry Store can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant medicinally.

  • Manufactured by: The Strawberry Store

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