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Lingonberry - Packet 0.1 gram



Latin Name: Vaccinium vitis-idaea

Common Name(s): Lingonberries

Life Cycle: Perennial

Placement: Garden or Containers

Hardiness Zones: 2 - 7

Packet Contents: sold by weight. Contains approximately 100+ seeds

Uses: Berries: fresh, preserves, wine, sauces, syrup, candy, pastries

Description: The red lingonberry fruit has a tart lemony taste and has many health benefits. Some consider it to be a superfood. The plants are slow growers needing very acidic well drained soil. The ideal pH is 5.0. It can take up to 5 years for the plants to reach full production but they are long lived if their needs are met. Plants can grow to 12 inches tall by 18 or more inches in diameter.

Planting Tips: Seeds require cold stratification. Recommend winter sowing outdoors but can be stratified indoors

Availability: Year Round


  • Manufactured by: The Strawberry Store

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