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Fragaria virginiana 'Intensity' - 20+ Seeds


Open Pollinated Seed
An Heirloom Variety

'Intensity' is an excellent variety originally found in the wild in Southern Michigan. It has the largest fruit of any virginia type that we've seen. There may be larger fruited varieties but we haven't seen them.

The variety producing runners and is a short day (June bearing) variety. It prefers shade though we have been growing it in full sun. The only adverse affect we've noticed is that the pots dry out quicker and the leaves tend to burn on the edges in full sun.

We do not know of anyone offering seed of the virginia types so we expect that seed supply won't last long.

Follow the same germination conditions as with other strawberry species.

Germination for 2015 is marginal (around 60%) so we are overpacking by at least 50% to make up for lower germination.


  • Manufactured by: The Strawberry Store

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